About PVSsportline

At the beginning of 2018 we, at Prime Vehicle Sales, identified an opportunity in the light commercial vehicles (LCV) and Camper conversion market. By March, the showroom was very busy with a varied price range of vehicles available. After a very successful couple of months we took the decision to focus more on our core offering of our upgraded LCV’s.

The enhancements that we were offering opened new avenues for us; becoming a stockist of one of the UK’s leading alloy and steel wheel suppliers, Wheelwright Ltd. We had become a stockist to allow customers to be able to upgrade from their standard steel wheels to a more attractive, high quality alloy wheel packages, specifically designed for commercial use.​

Our traditional offering had been of standard, high specification light commercial vehicles (LCV) and with the popularity of the upgrades it was decided that not only would we change wheels and tyres but that we would also add other accessories including roof bars, sidebars, sidesteps and body kits.

​During this process we also established that as we were doing something different to the LCV’s that we would want to brand them in an original format. Many ideas and names were hashed about and eventually PVSsportline was settled upon. A combination of our name, Prime Vehicle Sales, and that we were making the LCV’s into a ‘sport’ model.

​The first of our PVSsportline models were offered for sale in September 2018. The feedback we have received has been really positive and the success has, to a degree, exceeded our expectations. They stand out on our website and advertising platforms. Customers who have bought them like the fact that their vehicle stands out when parked outside customers homes or on a site where there are many other vehicles; theirs is different.

​As a retail partner with Wheelwright, and other leading suppliers, we can offer upgrades to your existing vehicle. Take a look at our Build your Own page to see what we have on offer.